North East Coast of Tasmania – Part 1

To say we were excited to get to Tasmania was an understatement. I didn’t even realise until we were a week into our stint on the island that we actually had seven weeks here not six like we originally thought. You beauty. 

The East Coast is known to have the better weather on the island and for the first two weeks of our Tasmanian tour we had fabulous weather. Being summer, we were still in shorts and a singlet, nice sunny days. 

Our first day in Tassie was spent exploring Cataract Gorge in Launceston. And the little historic town of Evendale. Once you get to Tassie you realise the entire island is basically a black berry farm. Everywhere you look there is black berry bushes. I even have a scar from one now. They are full of big thorns and I stood on a vine and it caught my ankle and left a big scratch from one side to the other. Nasty things, so it is risky business to pick the fruit, but we did it anyway. We’re pro’s at picking the good from the bad now. 

Old Mac’s Farm and Fishery was our choice for the first two nights in Launceston. For $10 per night it was ideal for us to settle in and sort the bus out before we started the tour of the island. Lots of ducks and water hens getting around and best of all there is Lhamas!! Our highlight from our stay here though; as it often is, was the people we met. A lovely group of 5 people who were travelling together, all loved our bus and came over to have a look. They soon invited us over for drinks and nibbles and we all got along like a house on fire! One of the ladies (Loraine) who loved to knit even gave me a pair of socks that she had just knitted. I was stoked! Note to self: spiders are still just as big here in Tassie as they are back on main land. Angel also met a friend, Sam.We spent the next day going through Georgetown, and on the way to Lilydale we spent a good three hours exploring the Hollybank Forest. If you’re into that sort of thing, 

Lilydale Falls was our next destination and since we got there fairly late, we just settled in for the night. The next morning we got up early and did the short walk to the falls. We spent two nights at Lilydale Falls, with Myles doing some maintenance work on the engine for half a day.


We pulled into Scottsdale and did a quick shop at the woollies there and to our surprise we saw a horse and cart parked in the car park. - Only in Tasmania we said to each other. From Scottsdale we headed north to Bridport. A nice town on the northern coast. The weather put on its best with the aqua water looking inviting but yet again a little cold for our liking. With failing to find a dog friendly camp in Bridport we decided to do the 20 minute drive back to Scottsdale to one of the best set up free camps we have ever been at. Nice clean toilets with hot showers at $3 for 4 minutes but they easily lasted longer than 10 minutes. A nice big nature walk around a dam that used to be used as a water park in the early 1900’s. We spotted platypus, ducklings, ducks, water hens, rabbits, cats, cows… You name it. Myles’ parents met us in Scottsdale on our second night there. It was good to catch up.Here we bought the most delicious fresh straight from the farm blue berries. $5 for a kilo which is never heard of. We had never tasted anything like them. Makes us wonder what we’ve been buying from the supermarket for our whole lives! Honestly the comparison is just unfathomable. 

From there we went to Derby where we explored an old mining tunnel, had tea and scones at a cafe and learnt about tin mining which is basically what developed the town. 

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