Forster, New South Wales

Wow! What a spot! Forster is our new favorite spot on the coastline between Brisbane and Sydney! If you haven’t been here before I can’t recommend it enough… There is so much to do for people with all different interests.

Last night we stayed parked up looking over the beach until we were moments away from falling asleep and then drove two streets back and slid into some suburban parking like we were just another car. Up early and back to another beach front car park for breakfast and a coffee… There was a kiosk run out of the surf life saving club where they had fresh out of the oven mixed berry and white chocolate muffins. Yes please!

While parked up and cooking the dogs meat (kangaroo mince…. stinks!) We met some more Queenslanders Janelle and Zane with the same destination as we are hoping for in the next few weeks, Tasmania! Very easy to talk to people with friendly smiles. Safe travels guys and hope to bump into you again on the road.

From here we drove back into town where we followed the river east. Coming along a bunch of boat sheds advertising SUP boards for rent, we couldn’t park up quick enough! We were a bit hesitant if 1. They would let us with the dog and 2. If the dog would even like it but both scenarios were in our favour and how special it was! We paddled up the turquoise blue river and stopped on a sand bank for a swim. Marine life everywhere! We then paddled around an island and over an oyster farm only centremetres from the fins of our sup boards… Whoops! Then the wind changed and so did the tide, we struggled to get back to the boat shed we hired them from. Man what a work out! The dog was great… She was more relaxed on the board then we had thought and only once slipped and committed to jumping in the water. We had such a good time!

We both wanted to stay for longer but knowing full well we will be back here sooner then we think we decided to drive further south to Seal Rocks where we hoped to stay for a night. A beautiful scenic drive through the lakes and over the ranges turned out to be a magic spot but not very dog friendly at all. After a bit of research, Hawks Nest near Tea Gardens looked like a nice spot just going off the map so a further hour and a half of driving and we arrived to our destination.





















3 thoughts on “Forster, New South Wales

  1. Wow, the SUP looks like so much fun. How brave is Angel? She is such a good little gran-doggy. I will have to go to Foster now for a look.


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