Lucky he’s a handy man!

After a free camp down on the Tweed river (lucky it was free because the mozzies were a killer, thank god for our fly screens),


we decided we would get up early and go to Fingal to make breaky, have a swim and enjoy the beach a bit before we hit the road again.

Well that didn’t quite go to plan. Only 5 minutes from camp and 5 minutes from Fingal the alternator dies… Luckily it was in the nicer side of town (away from the mozzies). We decided “this is where we will have breaky” sarcastically with no other options. After waiting for people to wake up; as it was 6am Brisbane time, a few phone calls were made. Alan Agyik to the rescue even on his day off! For those that don’t know, Alan is the owner of Dasresto and Dasresto parts (Vw restoration and parts shops) in Burleigh Heads, top bloke and an even nicer wife for lending us her man. So out with the old and in with the new on the side of the road.

Many thanks again to Alan and Katie Agyik for helping us get out of the pickle we found ourselves in… and the sun!! Much to my disappointment I got burnt to a crisp from the reflection of the alloy in the steaming hot sun all day. I’ll remember that for next time won’t I!

After we waved Al off, Myles continued to bolt the engine back together… Carbs, linkages, breather system, etc in the killer heat.. Even under the awning where myself and Angel were was almost unbearable. So with our fingers crossed we kicked it in the guts and away we went.. Heading for the beach for a much deserved swim! It’s funny, while we were broken down, we had roughly about 20 people pull over and ask to take a picture but only 2 out of those people, offered to help if they could.

One guy drove past us in the morning and then returned in the afternoon with an ice cold alcoholic ginger beer from *dont quote me* the local Tweed brewery? We both thought that was such a nice gesture as he handed it to Myles saying… “I’m no mechanic so I can’t help but I saw you working on this this morning and again this afternoon so I thought you would like a cold drink…” and once again a smidgen of faith is restored in humanity. Greatly appreciated and if you ever read this mate, we can’t thank you enough!

After a nice cool down at the beautiful Dream Time beach we left heading south along the Tweed Coast Rd and stopped in a pet friendly caravan park in Wooyung (a suggestion from one of the nice people who stopped and asked if we were okay). First night we paid for somewhere to sleep purely because of the lack of free camps down here (unless you like highway rest stops).

Even though today was an unfortunate turn of events we still enjoyed ourselves and feel it’s just another page to add in the book 😎 time to relax in our room with a view!





Myles enjoying that ice cold beverage.


One thought on “Lucky he’s a handy man!

  1. Hi Guys, Good to see you have begun your adventure of a lifetime but sorry to see you have already had to deal with a challenge. But it is how you deal with these hiccups along the way that is important and don’t let them deter you as it is all part of the journey and growth. You are being followed now from Miami Beach in Florida. I will check in to see where you are both at from Key West. Remember, LIVE< LOVE<LAUGH and stay safe. Mum

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