First & hopefully last break down

Well it was bound to happen at some point, we just didn’t think so soon. This morning, on our way out to Fingal we started to smell electrical burning followed by the genny light on the dash coming on… Turned the car off and quickly opened up the back and sure enough the alternator has died (smoking). We did initially have some trouble with this alternator straight out of the box when we bought it. But with a little bit of help from my brother we got it to work and have since done over 5000 k’s on it. Anyways only being 20 minutes from DASrestoparts I’m hoping we should be able to get a new one shortly… I’m the first to admit that electrics is my weakest link but smoke to me tells me it’s buggered! On the upside, there is worse places to break down.

Angel didn’t seem to mind the hold up one bit.

Thank goodness for bikes, they were a life saver. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, first thing in the morning, you can imagine neither of us had done our morning loo stop. I ended up going for a bike ride until I found some toilets. Let me just say it would have been a whole lot harder and taken a lot longer had we not had our bikes.


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