Happy New Year!!

With seeing out 2014 the same way we saw it in (working on the Snail). We decided to start our adventure on Stradbroke Island, only a 40 minute ferry ride from our home (Brisbane). This is a very special place to both Shana and I, so it seemed fitting to start the new year here.

Although the locals would say it’s busy at this time of year, we still feel like we are escaping the crowds that the school holidays on main land seem to bring. There is lots of camping available on the island if you wish to do so, but we are fortunate enough to have family that own a unit over here to which we are kindly taking advantage of to help save a little more $$ over the peak period.

With already many wildlife encounters such as carpet snakes, kangaroos and plenty marine life, we have spent most our days living it up on the beach and fishing! We are yet to come home empty handed 👍 We love this island and if you ever get the opportunity, I suggest you try your best to see it for yourselves!


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